The Things that Matter

The comedian George Carlin once said,

A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.

Nate Berkus couldn’t disagree more.

In his book, The Things That Matter, Berkus reflects on what really matters in life. He writes about the places, the people and events that have shaped him and what he values most. His home is a reflection and expression of who he is. Every object tells a story, every piece belongs there. He laments the collection of meaningless stuff and challenges us to think carefully about the things we choose to surround ourselves with and the environment we live in.

Captivating photographs paired with Berkus’ engaging voice create a beautiful book, part memoir, part design guide, 100% inspiration.

Our biographies are not always written with a pen. If we let them, our homes also tell the stories of our lives.

We can’t escape who we are, and what we love, and the truth is, it’s a mistake even to try.

So donate the clutter and honor the treasures that matter most.