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Apollo’s Arrow - Apollo’s arrow is the account of our lives amidst the pandemic and how the recovery will unfold in the coming years, backed by history and contemporary sciences.
Breath - James Nestor, author of the fascinating book Breath, argues that most of us are breathing all wrong – with our mouths open and without any intention or awareness. Read this and prepare to never breathe the same again.


Forget Bed Rotting—There’s a Better Way to Recharge

“Take it easy for a few days.” My doctor’s instructions were straightforward. I had just had a lumbar puncture and was supposed to chill...

Practice Psychological Halloweenism to Boost Your Creativity

"Be yourself" may sound like good advice but research shows that pretending to be someone else may be a more effective way to boost...

Here’s What You Can Do When the World Feels Upside Down

One of the best parts of my job is getting to hear what’s on your mind. Below are answers to three questions I am...

An Antidote for Overthinking

Feelings aren’t facts. A basic principle of every non-pharmaceutical treatment for depression and anxiety involves putting some distance between oneself and one’s emotions. Psychodynamic therapy,...

The Difference Between Feeling Anxious and Having an Anxiety Disorder

What does anxiety feel like to you? Here are a few descriptions I have heard over the years: From the literal: Queasy Revved up On edge ...


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