Maybe You Don’t Need to Talk to Someone

Stressed? Burned out? Lonely? Dealing with a breakup? Conflict with a co-worker? Feeling down? The blanket recommendation for anyone going through a rough patch these...

Are You Quiet Quitting Your Relationship?

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference” — Elie Wiesel Quiet quitting—the now ubiquitous expression that refers to doing the bare minimum at...

7 Ways to Check Your Phone Less and Live More

How much time do you spend on your phone a day? Be honest. Due to a combination of denial and genuine lack of awareness, most...

This Is How to Stop Ruminating

“Nothing in life is as important as you think it is, while you are thinking about it.” — Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow Do you ever get...

You Can Stop Worrying About Finding Yourself

Ten years ago I was invited to give a talk at the American Psychiatric Association's annual meeting. In those days, I wasn't used to...


"Sadness, worry, discomfort and anxiety are part of life and not necessarily signs of dysfunction. It’s entirely natural to feel overwhelmed—or even bad—at times. It’s evidence that we’re alive and engaged."

Valuable read from @sambmd:

“Even in a hybrid world, even in a world of work-from-anywhere, we still need to occasionally meet colleagues in person for social purposes.” @HBSWK

The idea that we require psychological treatment to cope with every negative emotion or challenge we encounter represents a particularly noxious strain of toxic positivity. via @WSJ

Maybe You Don’t Need to Talk to Someone. My latest ⁦⁦@WSJhealth⁩

Science says this is the worst color.

“People like colors strongly associated with objects they like (e.g., blues with clear skies and clean water) and dislike colors strongly associated with objects they dislike (e.g., browns with feces and rotten food)”