The Mind Shifts in Mysterious Ways After Midnight

When I was a teenager my parents' favorite response to my requests to stay out late was always the same: "Nothing good ever happens...

Stealth Narcissists: How to Spot Them and 3 Sanity Preserving Tips for Dealing with...

When we think about narcissism, certain qualities come to mind: status seeking, admiration requiring, self-glorifying, entitled, arrogant, and a lack of concern for others....

Stress Isn’t All Bad: 3 Ways to Get Comfortable With Discomfort

In 1915 a German warship torpedoed the British ocean liner Lusitania off the coast of Ireland, sinking it and drowning almost twelve hundred passengers,...

Does the Thought of Winding Down Wind You Up?

Imagine sitting alone at a restaurant waiting for a friend. How do you pass the time? Do you look around? Do you savor the...

The Feel Good Factor: Vitality

Vitality is a word I didn't hear much in medical school or psychiatry residence. I was well versed in the language of illness, not...


Do you have a ‘bad day backup plan’? When we're stressed, our knee-jerk reaction is to retreat. This makes us feel better in the short term, but it can be counterproductive. @sambmd shares practices to help build resilience to everyday stress. #IbyIMD

#AuthorsNight2022 was a night to remember! Loved meeting so many readers and writers. I would have been happy if one person had bought a copy of #EverydayVitality & ended up selling out!

Thank you @EHLibrary for having me. I went home with my arms full of books and a full heart.

Thank you @zibbyowens for a beautiful evening of conversation, connection, and of course, books!

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The science behind the saying “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

So excited for #AuthorsNight on Saturday ⁩ ⁦@zibbyowens⁩, ⁦@katiecouric⁩ ⁦@JohnAvlon⁩ ⁦@TinaBrownLM⁩ ⁦@katebetts⁩ I cannot wait to buy your books. ⁦@EHLibrary⁩