How To Help Prevent Suicide

For every suicide that occurs there are 300 attempts. I share some tips and guidance for helping someone who is depressed and suicidal find their way to treatment or therapy. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255,...

My Guest Appearance On The Chasing Joy Podcast

Episode 55: Practical Tools For Every Day Joy, Building Confidence In Your 20’s And 30’s And Being “Un-You” With Dr. Samantha Boardman. Tune in on iTunes and it is available on Georgie's wonderfully curated website

Fat Mascara Podcast

Does today's beauty-obsessed social media culture affect our self esteem? Do some makeup colors give you more confidence than others? And how can we all feel a little happier, like, right now?  Episode 70: Drunk...

The Mind Body Green Podcast

POSITIVE PSYCHIATRIST SAMANTHA BOARDMAN ON WELLNESS NARCISSISM, SNOWPLOW PARENTING, & KEEPING ROMANCE ALIVE In this podcast episode, host Jason Wachob takes a deep dive into how Samantha got her start, what motivates her to always...
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