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What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About You?

A survey commissioned by Breyers’ ice cream found that your favorite flavor of ice cream gives the scoop on your personality. Researchers find strawberry lovers...

Do Masks Mask Emotions?

“I can’t tell if they’re smiling or scowling.”  My patient was voicing her concern about masks interfering with social interactions. She is not alone. A recent survey...

Resilience Is the Norm, Not the Exception 

A few days ago, my 12-year-old daughter showed me a video montage she made filled with photos of her and her friends hugging, dancing,...

What Books Are On My Nightstand?

  The Book Of Delights by Ross Gay The Book of Delights is about our shared bonds, and the rewards that come from a life closely...

See the World Without Leaving Your House

Here are some of my favorite resources that keep me engaged, active, and connected while social distancing.     Culture Tours and Shows Virtual Museum Tours—Visit and tour...
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