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Big life questions

Reality Check: Who Are You & What Are You Doing?

Who has time to think about the “big questions” in life? Most people I know are too busy and overwhelmed these days with the...
Are you good company?

Are You Good Company?

There are some people we naturally love to be around. They are like sunspots, giving off warmth and radiating good energy. There are others...
What a Bucket of PopCorn Says About You

What a Bucket of Popcorn Says About You

In the un-put-downable book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, the authors describe a famous popcorn study. Moviegoers were given a...
Mental Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal of the Mind: How to Overcome Anxiety & Build Confidence

I have always been a little skeptical of visualization techniques. The idea of telling someone to visualize winning the lottery, marrying George Clooney or...

25 Ways to Celebrate Kindness

According to Nobel Prize-winning scientist Daniel Kahneman, we experience approximately 20,000 moments each day. In honor of #RandomActsOfKindnessDay choose to make the most of...