Not being able to predict how something will turn out—a job, a relationship, a health concern, or even a pandemic—is stressful and can be paralyzing. As a patient of mine explained, “It’s the not knowing that makes me miserable and keeps me up at night.”

The Best Tool I Know to Manage Anxiety


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Evidence supports the overall benefits of happiness, research shows that the more we think about happiness and how to pursue it, the less likely we are to find it.

Why Chasing Happiness Can Make You Unhappy


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According to a recent study, we systematically underestimate the positive impact of expressing gratitude and overestimate how uncomfortable expressions of gratitude might make someone else feel.

Don’t Keep Gratitude To Yourself

navigate anxiety

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“As its title promises, Samantha Boardman’s Everyday Vitality is an essential guide to building and maintaining a fundamental quality that promotes resilience and joy in daily life." —Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global



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