Kindle - This portable reading device is a pocket sized escape to transport yourself to a different time and place.
Stella McCartney x Adidas Running Shoes - Stella McCartney x Adidas running shoes are perfect for a daily outdoor stroll.
Pendleton Blanket - Rugged enough for the outdoor or a kids' living room fort, but cozy enough for Netflix. This wool blanket provides a generous layer of warmth wherever you need it.


Lee Mayer

Lee Mayer, CEO, and founder of Havenly, started an online platform with her sister to make home design accessible, personalized, and fun. Havenly offers convenient and affordable interior design services to help bring your personalized home vision to life


Resilience Is the Norm, Not the Exception 

A few days ago, my 12-year-old daughter showed me a video montage she made filled with photos of her and her friends hugging, dancing,...

What Books Are On My Nightstand?

  The Book Of Delights by Ross Gay The Book of Delights is about our shared bonds, and the rewards that come from a life closely...

See the World Without Leaving Your House

Here are some of my favorite resources that keep me engaged, active, and connected while social distancing.     Culture Tours and Shows Virtual Museum Tours—Visit and tour...

Happiness Does Not Come From Within

“Happiness comes from within.” We hear this phrase all the time. It is predicated on the belief that if you dig deep enough into...

Yes, Just 10 Minutes a Day Can Turn Your Life Around

Consider the following experiment: researchers asked employees of an outpatient family practice clinic – nurses, assistants, and receptionists – to complete an online “survey”...


The value of communication technology in quarantine.

Ad is from 1910 — not related to the "Spanish flu" but perhaps referring to other quarantines, such as scarlet fever

“One might assume that the birth of a child relates to an increase in conscientiousness, agreeableness or emotional stability – but we did not find this,” says Asselmann.

“My advice is to just listen to kids. Be available, and don’t minimize whatever they’re experiencing. Talk to them about what’s going on.Let them ask questions,” she said. “If we don’t pay attention to students’ mental health needs,they’ll only get worse.” https://edsource.org/2020/california-schools-turn-to-mindfulness-to-help-students-cope-with-stress/633956

The biggest sense of relief is yours for the taking if you fully realize that 98% of the things you'd don't like are not personal. By all means, you can be annoyed by the actions of others, but don't double your suffering by assuming it's always due to something deeply personal.

“I think it's important for the country to understand the lessons of what happened to Freddie Gray,understand the aftermath of what happened to Freddie Gray.Because we're basically reliving history right now.” ⁦A must read by ⁦@iamwesmoore⁩ https://www.amazon.com/Five-Days-Fiery-Reckoning-American/dp/0525512365

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