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A survey commissioned by Breyers’ ice cream found that your favorite flavor of ice cream gives the scoop on your personality. Researchers find strawberry lovers are usually the first to find love. On average, strawberry ice cream fans find love at age 24. For vanilla lovers, it’s 25, while chocolate fans are a year later […]

What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About You?

Maximize mood

We are constantly reminded of the benefits of being happy: Happy people are more successful, have better sex, have more friends, have better bodies—the list goes on. While evidence supports the overall benefits of happiness, research shows that the more we think about happiness and how to pursue it, the less likely we are to […]

Why Chasing Happiness Can Make You Unhappy

Maximize mood

“In happiness, as in so many other things, location is key.” According to research, a location that maximizes proximity to the natural world is one of the best ways to maximize well-being. Studies show a link between nature and wellbeing. Just 20 minutes outside can boost your mood, broaden thinking and improve memory. Even exercise […]


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seasonal affective disorder

In medical school I was taught to look out for Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, during the cold dark months. I expected my patients’ depression to worsen and for the winter blues to set in. After all, it made sense—who doesn’t want to hibernate until spring?It turns out that this assumption was far from accurate.

Rethinking The Winter Blues

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While it’s fine to talk about the weather, quality conversations that deepen your understanding of another person or topic are more gratifying and meaningful. People who engage frequently in such conversations are happier than those who don’t, according to research at the University of Arizona. “I would like to experimentally ‘prescribe’ people a few more substantive conversations,” said one […]

Master The Art of Small Talk

Maximize mood


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