A Psychiatrist Weighs In: Can A Good Outfit Affect Your Mental Health?

For many women, the pursuit of looking good feels like an indulgence — and most of the time, in the bad kind of way. But we disagree. As Dr. Samantha Boardman discusses with Christene Barberich, global editor-in-chief and cofounder of Refinery29:

A piece of clothing can help you feel strong and beautiful, even on the worst day. I really think that [clothes are] a positive intervention for people.

If that’s a feel-good thought for you, it’s no accident. Dr. Boardman has built her career on focusing on the good stuff. Right here on Positive Prescription, we encourage people to consider that building on what’s already strong is just as important as fixing what’s wrong. “You might have a mental illness, you might have depression, you might have anxiety, but it doesn’t define you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your identity,” Dr. Boardman tells Christene during the latest episode of UnStyled. Small gestures of self-care aren’t just fun,  they’re necessary. How you take care of yourself, whether it’s picking out your outfit, applying a pretty shade of red lipstick, or going to the gym — those things are integral to your mental health.

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