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I have always thought of creativity as something you are either born with or not. Without disclosing too much, I didn’t win any awards in art class. But research tells a different story. A study found that imagining you are an eccentric poet can significantly boost divergent thinking, a key indicator of creative potential.   The […]

What You and Leonardo da Vinci Have in Common

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What’s the best way to motivate a student who lacks motivation?  I frequently encounter parents who ask me this question. Full disclosure, it’s a question I would like an answer for myself. Getting my children to do homework is no easy feat.  Punishment for not doing it is one strategy but realistically, how many times […]

Parents, Save Your Breath

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Early on, society labels us, we label ourselves, and we label others. A child is told he is a good or a bad listener. A high school student thinks of herself as good or bad at math. These labels become even more entrenched in adulthood. A coworker might be thought of as a “lazy human […]

Can People Really Change?

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A duck appears to glide calmly across the water, while beneath the surface it’s an entirely different picture: The duck is frantically paddling its little legs to stay afloat and keep up. Watching everyone else gliding effortlessly through life—achieving professional success, thriving socially, and looking fabulous—is making you feel worse about your own difficulties. I […]

You Aren’t The Only One With Duck Syndrome

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Take advantage of research suggesting that willpower is greatest in the morning and do the things that require self-discipline, like going to the gym or doing your taxes, early in the day. Along these lines, plan ahead. There are plenty of things you can do to help you feel less out of control: Choose your […]

How to Tackle Your Daily To-Do List

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