My Guest Appearance On The Chasing Joy Podcast

Episode 55: Practical Tools For Every Day Joy, Building Confidence In Your 20’s And 30’s And Being “Un-You” With Dr. Samantha Boardman. Tune in on iTunes and it is available on Georgie's wonderfully curated website

Harvesting Happiness Podcast

A Positive Prescription - Hit the Re-Set Button and Find Wellness with Dr. Samantha Boardman. You will learn about connecting with purpose, using sweetness, structure and space for a life makeover and garnering joy...

Vogue Features Sarah’s Bag x Positive Prescription: Emotional Baggage tote

Let Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Winona Ryder Show You Why ’90s Airport Style Still Rules... Click Below

A Psychiatrist Weighs In: Can A Good Outfit Affect Your Mental Health?

For many women, the pursuit of looking good feels like an indulgence — and most of the time, in the bad kind of way. But we disagree. As Dr. Samantha Boardman discusses with Christene...