Karen Warner, is Chief Executive and Managing Partner of Tangible Group, which offers consulting and coaching services to Fortune 1000 companies to improve performance and leadership. She shared a popular activity she leads in her workshops, and true to her generous spirit, she is sharing it with us at Positive Prescription.

The idea is to carve out five minutes of peace at the beginning of each day, giving one minute to each activity listed below. Each one begins with a question and is followed by an action step. Do it every morning.

1. Time: 0:01

Question: Am I grouchy or cheery?

Action: Adjust your starting point.

2. Time: 0:02

Question: Who or what do I take for granted?

Action: Actively appreciate.

3. Time: 0:03

Question: How will I get some exercise?

Action: Go outside and play.

4. Time: 0:04

Question: What three goals can I accomplish today?

Action: Anticipate great outcomes.

5. Time: 0:05

Question: Who needs my help today?

Action: Reach out right away.

Following these five steps, you can create the day, the life, and the world you want for yourself and those you spend your time with.

Her company is called Tangible, but this gift is immeasurable.

I wish you all the best,

Dr. Samantha Boardman