Is Eating on the Go Making You Hungry?

Everyone is in a hurry these days but eating on the go is not the answer. Sorry Go-Gurt and pre-packaged cereal (Just add milk!) but taking a break to eat is well worth it.

A recent study showed how people who sit down to eat are more likely to make healthier choices and cultivate better eating habits. In fact, research suggests that eating on the go may even fuel hunger.

A New York Times article explains:

Eating on the go may not even register in the mind as eating, and may even register as exercise…The trick is to eat in a conscious and focused way.

Participants who ate cereal bars while walking ate five times as much when they were offered a snack later on, compared with those who had eaten while sitting down. Indeed, eating on the go may even be worse than eating in front of the television.

The lead researcher explains the value of pressing pause during a busy day and how taking time out to eat boosts energy and productivity:

It’s important to punctuate your day with breaks so that you can recharge and take stock as a means to relieve stress and work more effectively. It’s also important to turn eating into an occasion so that food is registered and eaten mindfully.

Take time to eat and sit with a friend whenever you can. I guarantee the food will taste even better.


I wish you all the best,

Dr. Samantha Boardman