Dr. Lara Devgan

Dr. Devgan is a top-ranked, board-certified plastic surgeon and renowned beauty expert. In addition to her surgical practice, Dr. Devgan is a medical expert for ABC News, the CEO of the luxury skin care brand Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, and has her own podcast, Beauty Bosses, which brings together fellow entrepreneurs and industry trailblazers to chat about their career and what has been their secret to success thus far.

What was your inspiration for starting Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty?

I wanted to create the line that I myself wanted to use— something medically proven, scientifically driven, chic, elevated, and luxe. To me it was about defining a new space halfway between skincare and beauty— I love the emotion of beauty products but don’t have time for things that don’t work.

What advice would you give women who are wanting to start their own company?

Start fast, get feedback, iterate, and get your 2.0 out there. Don’t wait for the elusive, magic, perfect solution to a problem. Just begin to solve what you can, and change quickly to constantly improve.

How do you stay balanced when juggling both personal and professional jobs?

I try to never “phone it in.” Whether I’m with my patients or my kids, I focus on being fully present and making the most of the moment.

What is your motto?

Excellence is not an act, but a habit. A good life is made up of thousands of tiny decisions in aggregate.

What was the most important thing you learned in high school?

Beautiful is a state of mind, not a physical form, and you can be your own kind of beautiful.

What do you wear that makes you feel strong?

A spritz of perfume, a dash of lip gloss & my white lab coat.

What is on your nightstand?

Books, medical journals, hyaluronic serum, and my cell phone.

What gives you goosebumps?

When a patient first sees herself in the mirror after a surgical procedure— it’s an amazing feeling to have that impact on someone.

What is your bad day backup plan?

Snuggle my six little kids and get lost in their world for a while— legos, playgrounds, ice cream cones— the simple joys of childhood.

How do you define success?

Being “in the flow”— mentally engaged and challenged, but also having fun— this is how I feel in the OR!

Best advice you have ever received?

My mom used to tell me: In 10 years, you’ll be 10 years older, whether or not you’ve accomplished your goals.

What makes you forget to eat?

Seeing my patients and working on skincare product development. I get fully immersed in my work!

What did your 8-year-old self love doing?

I used to make face masks and random “beauty” products out of mashed up avocados and things. I guess it started young!

What three things would you grab in a fire?

My 6 kids and husband. That’s 7 but everything else is replaceable.

Favorite word?

Optimize. As a plastic surgeon, I think of the best outcomes as an improvement over baseline, rather than as a shortfall from perfection. I am always striving for perfection while knowing that perfection is unattainable. That is what it means to optimize.

Favorite work of art?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man. I think about the harmony of proportions and beauty theory constantly in my work. I also love Hopper, Kandinsky, Cezanne, and more.

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