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There are many things computers already do better than we do. In fact, a 2013 Oxford study forecast that machines might be able to perform half of all U.S jobs in the next 20 years. I never imagined my job could ever be “computerizable.” How on earth could a machine do a better job than […]

RoboDoc: Is it Time to Fire Your Therapist?

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It might seem old-fashioned, but if you want to get something done or make a good impression, pick up the phone. Better yet, say it in person. New research shows that text-based communications may make individuals sound less intelligent and employable than when the same information is communicated orally. In other words, if you are […]

If You Want to Sound Smart, Dont Send an Email

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When it comes to getting what you need to be truly successful in your work, do you struggle to ask for help?  Perhaps as you think about asking people to test a new approach you’re developing you fear they’ll say no and you’ll feel rejected.  Or when you imagine asking someone to give you a […]

Do You Struggle to Ask for Help in the Workplace?

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After a busy and perhaps (overly) indulgent holiday season, radical change might feel like the answer. Before you embark on a period of punishing deprivation, consider a former patient of mine who lost more than 10 pounds after going on a green-juice diet for the first two weeks of January. She was thrilled about the […]

Here’s How to Make a New Year’s Resolution That Will Stick

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Great news for those who are terrible at wrapping presents. A study found that badly wrapped gifts are better received than those that look like they belong under Martha Stewart’s Christmas tree. This is especially true for gifts that aren’t expected to knock the recipient’s socks off. An exquisitely wrapped present with crisp edges, expertly hidden tape, […]

The Paradox of the Perfectly Wrapped Present 

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