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What makes human beings unique? In an unforgettable speech to a Stanford graduating class, neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky explores this question and challenges what many of us think about what separates us from animals. It turns out that we may not be so special after all. “There is nothing fancy about us at all. We are […]

Achieve the Impossible

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Do you feel exhausted after the weekend? The allure of pleasant, in the moment, and easy activities is powerful. After a long week, it’s hard to resist a bowl of potato chips, a remote control, and a widescreen. However, as tempting as it sounds to lounge around in your PJs all weekend, the trick to […]

Does Your Weekend Exhaust You?

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Pleasure makes us feel good. So do positive emotions. So what is the difference between the two, especially when it comes to experiencing them in our romantic relationships? To help answer that question let’s take a sneak peak for a moment at the relationships of two couples profiled in Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build […]

What Good Are Positive Emotions?

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Thanks to a growing body of research, scientists are gaining a better understanding of the link between smell, emotion and wellbeing. Faces appear more likeable when paired with pleasant (even imperceptible) scents, and appear less likeable when paired with nasty odors. Individuals with higher levels of anxiety have a heightened sense of smell and anosmics […]

The Hidden Force of Fragrance

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We humans are really good at dwelling on stuff that make us feel bad. This negativity bias was helpful to our ancestors when survival depended on avoiding distress, danger and discomfort. It helps explain why criticism stings so much and why a negative comment eclipses anything positive. Just because we are hardwired to be sensitive […]

How To Take Criticism Like A Pro

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