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Patience may be a virtue but it’s wearing thin. A study of over 2000 British adults confirmed what most of us already know, we hate to wait and we are less patient than ever. Frustration sets in after: 25 seconds of waiting for a traffic light to turn green 20 seconds for ink to dry […]

I Want It And I Want It Now

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People increasingly tell me they have a hard time starting a book, let alone finishing one. Reading a book takes time and concentration-two rarities of daily experience. There are so many competing demands on attention. Who has the time to actually sit down and lose oneself in a book? In our busy lives, quick reads […]

Why Reading Is So Good For You

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Listening to your gut when you’re anxious is like going to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Your judgment is clouded so you end up buying stuff you don’t need.  The last time I made that mistake, extra-large bags of potato chips, wheels of cheese, and sugar-packed cereals I had sworn off for life made […]

Don’t Let Stress Interfere With Gut Feelings

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In the heat of the moment, one of the worst things to do is what people normally do–immerse themselves in their emotions and focus on their hurt. This response is like putting gasoline on a fire. It fuels the flame by keeping angry and aggressive thoughts front and center, making it more likely you will […]

How to Cool Down in the Heat of the Moment

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Mental Rehearsal

I have always been a little skeptical of visualization techniques. The idea of telling someone to visualize winning the lottery, marrying George Clooney or getting that job at Google sounded more like “The Secret” than actionable advice. That said, I have learned that some visualization techniques are worth a second look (sorry, I couldn’t resist […]

Dress Rehearsal of the Mind: How to Overcome Anxiety & Build Confidence

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