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“I don’t care if she’s nice. I just care that she’s the best.” My patient’s internist was retiring and he was eager to find a new one. Like most people, he relied on credentials and reputation to assess expertise. “Where did she go to medical school?,” he asked. “Is she on New York Magazine’s Best Doctors list?” How caring or warm she is didn’t […]

What Makes a Good Doctor?

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Love being single, single, relationships,

Increasing numbers of women are single for one simple reason: They want to be. They don’t have intimacy issues, they are not selfish, and they are not single because they cannot find a partner. It’s a deliberate choice. While many may still believe that being single is synonymous with isolation and that the only on-ramp […]

Being Single May Make You Happier Than Ever

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too much self care

During an airline safety demonstration, the flight attendant instructs you to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others if the cabin loses pressure. They tell you this for good reason. If you run out of oxygen, you will lose consciousness and won’t be able to assist anyone else. It is a life-or-death situation. But […]

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Self-Care?

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For Father’s Day, Dr. Peggy Drexler, author of Our Fathers, Ourselves and other fascinating gender studies books, speaks to the role — and how it’s changing — men and “dad” play in our lives.

Dr. Peggy Drexler: An Expert Dishes on Daddy’s Girls, Momma’s Boys & More

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Mending a Broken Heart

Remember that scene in Clueless, where Cher kind of makes fun of Tai for wanting to burn the few things she associates with her late relationship with Elton? Turns out, Tai was right. Burn, baby, burn. That’s the best way to mend your broken heart. Well, not the burning so much as the ritual of […]

Mending a Broken Heart: A How-To

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