1. Appearance

Studies show well-rested people are judged to be younger, more attractive and more competent.

2. Brighter Mood

People feel better and brighter when they get adequate sleep. Poor sleep is linked with clinical depression.

3. Manage Stress

It is easier to respond to challenges in productive ways when well rested.

4. Appetite Control

Not sleeping enough leads to increased hunger and is linked with weight gain.

5. Brain Boosting

A good nights sleep is critical for protecting brain.

6. Love Life

Couples whose sleeping patterns are in sync are more satisfied with their relationship and argue less.

7. Weight Loss

Total sleep time and quality of sleep predicted the successful loss of fat in individuals enrolled in a weight loss program.

8. Reduce Cravings

Studies show that people who are sleep deprived crave sweet and salty food.

9. Boost Memory

Sleep and memory go hand in hand.

10. Optimal Functioning

Even though some people claim they only need 4 or 5 hours of shuteye, studies show they are not functioning at their best.

11. Learn New Material

Studies show people retain information if they go to sleep shortly after learning it. It’s why all-nighters don’t work.

12. Performance

Getting extra sleep has been shown to improve athletic performance, alertness and mood. Well-rested football players improved sprint time in the 20-yard shuttle and 40-yard dash. Similar improvements were seen with basketball players.

Sleep tight.

I wish you all the best,

Dr. Samantha Boardman