Work demands, family commitments, maintaining friendships, and general anxiety about the state of the world can often leave people feeling drained. These daily stressors can cause us to forget that it is possible to not only cope, but thrive under such conditions.

When we feel like we are being pulled in a thousand directions at once, it is easy to lose sight of the daily things we can do to stay strong within our stress. We retreat into bad habits like staying up all night, binge-watching TV, scarfing down junk food, and skipping workouts. We withdraw from friends, we are reluctant to try new things, and we don’t make time for our favorite hobbies. The result is a double dose of stress. During these difficult times, I recommend being “un-you.” Essentially, it is about doing the opposite of what we feel like doing—i.e., crawling
under the covers with a bucket of ice cream. This is exactly the moment we need to eat healthy,
get enough rest, spend time with friends, show up at book club, take a walk in the park, look up from our devices, and hold the elevator door for a stranger. Focusing on things outside of ourselves helps defang the stress we are experiencing. The countless interactions, micro-moments, and decisions that we make every day can either enhance or diminish us.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire