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Can Sunglasses Give You A Sunny Outlook?

Science suggests that spending money on experiences and giving to others is money better spent than spending purely on stuff for yourself. Said stuff won’t make you happy. But there is a study that suggests one particular item does add to our well-being… Sunglasses.

In a study entitled Sun-induced Frowning Fosters Aggressive Feelings, scientists measured the anger and aggression of people walking into the sun. Some wore sunglasses, some didn’t. Those wearing sunglasses scored lower on anger and aggression.

Why? Because the sunglasses prevented them from squinting and scowling, thus decreasing negative emotion. This goes hand in hand with other studies that show how physical states affect emotions.

We usually think of the mind affecting the body – this is the opposite. Instead of psychosomatic, this is somatopsychic. For example, studies show smiling boosts happiness, good posture improves confidence, and Botox is thought to lessen depression by preventing frowning.

We’re not necessarily endorsing wearing sunglasses at night. Or inside. But we are making the happiness argument for wearing them on any given day — your eye doctor will be pleased, too.

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