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Consider the following experiment: researchers asked employees of an outpatient family practice clinic – nurses, assistants, and receptionists – to complete an online “survey” at the end of each workday. They were unaware of the purpose of this exercise. The survey asked them to spend five to ten minutes writing about events that had gone […]

Yes, Just 10 Minutes a Day Can Turn Your Life Around

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Write a letter

Many people keep gratitude to themselves. They feel it but don’t express it. Like you, they assume the other person already knows how much they are appreciated or they worry about finding the right words to say what they want to say. Putting pen to paper or sending a thank you email may seem unnecessary […]

Don’t Keep Gratitude To Yourself

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When you are feeling overwhelmed try to pinpoint exactly what is bothering you and describe your feelings more precisely. Are you frustrated? Disheartened? Despondent? Exasperated? Instead of resigning yourself to a generalized negative mood for the next few hours, try to label your emotions. People who are able to differentiate their negative emotions are better […]

Manage Uncertainty With This Tool

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As a psychiatrist, I recognize how valuable everyday interactions are for mental health. We are deeply social creatures who need others as much as we need air to breathe. Studies show that frequent positive interactions with others is at the heart of our wellbeing. People who experience “felt love”—brief moments of connection in everyday life—are […]

Stay Connected While Keeping Your Distance

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Worry Atlas Anxiety Let Go Control

Not being able to predict how something will turn out—a job, a relationship, a health concern, or even a pandemic—is stressful and can be paralyzing. As a patient of mine explained, “It’s the not knowing that makes me miserable and keeps me up at night.” Learning to let go of the things that are beyond […]

The Best Tool I Know to Manage Anxiety

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