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Keeping the big picture in mind is especially important this time of year. It is worth taking a moment to pause during the busy holiday season and think about what matters most. If planning on making a New Year’s resolution for 2021, consider doing it with a twist. Instead of fixing a weakness or flaw, […]

A Positive Twist on New Year’s Resolutions

Holiday Centric

Here are a few of my favorite things.

My Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Centric

“I used to complain bitterly about the holidays—all the social obligations and family time. Right now, I would do anything to attend one of those gatherings I used to dread,” explained a patient during a Zoom session. For as long as I have been practicing psychiatry, helping patients navigate the stress of the holidays was […]

Make the Most of This Strange Holiday Season

Holiday Centric

The desire to be a good gift-giver often backfires. Here’s a scientific breakdown of what many of us get wrong about gift-giving and how to get it right: Myth: Gifts should dazzle Reality: Instead of focusing on the “wow” factor in the moment of exchange, choose a gift that will be useful. Novelty wears off […]

The Science Behind Good Gift-Giving

Holiday Centric

The materialism associated with the holidays can leave us feeling empty and anything but full of good cheer. Conspicuous consumption leaves a mark on our budgets and worse, our psyches and souls. And yet, we’re urged to give-give-give! Arthur Brooks calls it the “Christmas Conundrum.” He writes: We are supposed to revel in gift-giving and […]

Looking For the Perfect Gift? Read On…

Holiday Centric


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